13 Amazingly Fun and Super Tasty Princess Party Food Ideas

When it comes to a Princess Party you want to do your best to make sure the party tea features some treats that are perfect for your birthday princess and her guests! We’ve got some ideas to help you make the buffet table look enticing with tasty and fun food for everyone to enjoy.

1. A Castle full of treats!

food in a castle box

This castle made out of a cardboard box looks fantastic! The party guests will be even more impressed when they see what treats you’ve filled it with!

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2. Take some Inspiration from Cinderella’s Carriage

cinderella pumpkin oranges

While pumpkins aren’t particularly popular party fayre, these easy peelers will encourage the little party guests to load up on a bit of fruit, particularly if you label them as Cinderella’s carriage!

3. There’s More to a Sandwich than Squares and Triangles

crown sandwiches

Invest in a crown cookie cutter and go crazy with the party spread! These cute crown sarnies will have the party guests asking for more!

4. Think Pink!

pink squash

Having some pink squash to refresh a roomful of Princesses is a fantastic idea! You can serve it up delicately and decorate the glass, or, if you have some younger guests then a clear plastic, lidded cup is perfect too.

5. An Absolute Must for any Princess Party!

cute fairy cakes

These cute fairy cakes look so tasty and will help make sure the little princesses stay seated long enough for dessert! The hearts and sprinkles used here are lovely but you can use any colour or designs that will compliment your tastes and specific theme.

6. Just add Some Colour!


Popcorn is a popular snack so why not make it fit for princess and add some sparkle? Some pink food colouring and a few sprinkles will ensure this dish fits in with your Princess party theme perfectly!

7. Cinderella Would Have Preferred these Brooms!

cinderella party food broom

This idea is so simple but so effective – who knew Twiglets and cheese strings could look so good?! Of course the broomsticks are specific to Cinderella but we’re sure the party guests won’t mind when they tuck into this treat!

8. Fruit Wand anyone?

fruit wand

This fruit option can be adapted to many different fruits but melon and grapes are a simple and popular way to go. Tasty and attractive, these fruit wands are sure to encourage a little healthy eating among the party guests!

9. Just Add a Golden Crown

princess food ideas

Pop a cute golden crown on the party food to Princess-ify any buffet table! This single addition will do wonders for any party tea and also encourage those with a smaller appetite among the guests!

10. Cute and Colourful!

marshmallow pops

These marshmallow pops dipped in chocolate and sprinkles look and taste great! For slightly older children you could even set up a station with dipping bowls and let them create their own.

11. Keep things Small and Sweet

Princess Parties

By serving small portions of all your party foods you’ll create an afternoon tea feel which would suit most Princess Parties very well! Present those bite-sized sandwich, cakes and biscuits on sparking tableware and you will create a birthday party to remember!

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12. Brighten Up your Cookies with some Frozen Inspiration

Frozen Princess theme

Frozen has inspired so many things so why not make some cookies that would fit a Frozen Princess theme? These iced star shaped cookies look amazing and are sure to taste good too!

13. A Pearl of an Idea!

oyster and pearl

These little biscuits would fit in with any Princess Party tea and are super simple to make too! The oyster and pearl idea is sure to wow the party guests too!

We hope you’ve found some inspiration for your child’s upcoming Princess party. Whether a confident cook or prefer some simpler options, there are lots of ideas that will delight your little princess and her party guests!