14 fabulous jungle party ideas to thrill your little monkeys

A jungle or safari themed party is ideal for a little one that loves to explore, learn about new things and wants to go on an adventure! You can transport your guests into the heart of the Amazon with these wild DIY projects.

From decorations to yummy food your party, whether it’s at home or at a local venue, will be transformed with these 14 crafty designs you can do yourself.

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Seven amazing safari decorations

Decorations can help get your guests get into your theme and the party spirit and these options will truly give your celebrations a jungle feel.

1. Point the way with a sign

party signs

Point your guests in the right direction and get them excited before they even get to the party by putting up a sign outside your venue. Include the birthday boy or girl’s name and age to add a personal touch.

2. Set the scene with a banner


Add a little warning about wild animals to alert your guests to be on the lookout for elephants, lions and giraffes! This banner is free to download and print out at home or you could get creative and design your own with a personalised message.

3. Bringing the jungle to your home

DIY Jungle Vines

These DIY paper jungle vines will make your guests think they’ve stepped into the Amazon jungle rather than your home or venue! By twisting brown paper and adding green paper leaves you can create a true safari look.

4. Make your drinks wild!

Jungle themed Party Package Zoo Animals Safari

Cut out and decorate animal silhouettes to add some jungle fever to straws. These are sure to liven up any glass and will help the little ones remember which drink is theirs.

5. Do NOT feed the animals

boxes decorations

These boxes are really easy to create but will look amazing stacked in the corners of your party space. You could even use them to store party items in, such as prizes and goodie bags.

6. Invite the animals in!

cute animal centrepiece

You can buy a kit to create this cute animal centrepiece, with lion, monkey, giraffe and tiger options, or take inspiration and use your own craft and art supplies to make something similar.

7. Every explorer needs a jeep!

jeep cardboard

Every little explorer needs a jeep to get around and check out the safari sights! Using a cardboard box and a little paint you can add something unique to you party’s décor and get some great photos of your little one and their guests.

Seven jungle delights for your buffet table

Food is an important part of any party and you can still get creative and incorporate a jungle safari theme! For little ones you want food they can grab with little hands and eat while still having a good time.

Fruit platters, chopped veggies and nuts (be sure to check none of the children have allergies first) are great items to simply place in bowls on the table to add some colour and still reflect a safari.

1. Creepy crawly crackers

creepy crawly crackers

These creepy crawly crackers are super easy to make and adorable to boot! They’re a great way to encourage your guests to eat some extra vegetables and try something they may not otherwise have picked up.

2. It’s a pizza safari

lion pizza

Kids love pizza and you can give it a safari theme by creating art with the toppings. This one uses pepperoni to create a lion but with some chopped veggies and other toppings you could try to recreate giraffes, zebras and tigers!

3. The king of the jungle buffet table


This veggie platter complete with dips makes a perfect centrepiece for your buffet table! The lion is made up of carrots, peppers, mushrooms and cauliflower – you could try different snacks to create other animals too!

4. A healthy snack for little monkeys

gorilla grapes

The bright colours of fruit kebabs are sure to be a hit with your guests! Add a cute name – Gorilla Grapes – and some decoration and your little monkey won’t be able to get enough.

5. A rolling surprise

DIY Giraffe Pattern Swiss Roll

If you want to channel your inner Mary Berry look no further than this giraffe Swiss roll! This delicious dessert is easier than it looks and will certainly add to your spread.

6. Munching on the wild side

Making Giraffe Print Cookies

These animal print cookies will definitely brighten up your guest’s plates and have them coming back for seconds! Simply make your favourite cookies and pipe on different designs, you could even get your little one to lend a helping hand.

7. Simple foods with creative names

Decorating Idea - Vines & leaves

You can still use party favourites on your buffet table and add creative names to keep them tied in with theme. From naming dried raisins as ants to calling hotdogs worms, there are plenty of options!

An alternative option

If you’re looking for something quicker and less creative, don’t fear! There’s plenty of animal and jungle themed party supplies you can purchase from your local party store or online. Here’s a selection of our top picks to enhance your theme without any hassle.

1. The party essentials

Jungle Animals Plates

Every birthday party needs plates, cups and napkins and this design is perfect for a jungle theme. The cute picture is sure to be loved by your guests.

2. A little part of the jungle


Truly transport you guests to the Amazon with these inflatable palm trees. Just a few of these dotted around the venue and some banners will transform any space!

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3. Getting into character


Provide a set of these wild animal masks to get your guests into the spirit of the party. From jumping around like a monkey to roaring like a tiger they’ll have loads of fun with these!

4. Food fit for the little monkeys


Pack up a tasty lunch and keep with the theme by using these party boxes. You can add in your guests’ favourite foods, snacks and drinks that are sure to delight and fill up the little monkeys. Or, you could even use them instead of party bags if you like!

5. A smashing good time!

alligator pinata

Fill up this piñata with goodies, in keeping with the jungle theme and get your guests to show their wild side as they try and bust it open.