21 fun things to do on a rainy day

While parents are ALWAYS busy, there are times when a rainy day appears and you want to do something enjoyable or a job that you’ve really been meaning to getting around to. If you have too many things fighting for dominance in your mind or fancy doing something a little bit different, here’s a list that should help you decide on the perfect antidote to a rainy day!

1. Organize photo albums

organize photo albums

You can do this either online, in the physical format or both! It’s so lovely going through your old photos. You’re reminded of so many times in your life – good and bad! Old family pics, wedding photos, holiday snaps and baby portraits are sure to put a smile on your face. And, once you’re done you can enjoy showing the fruits of your labour off to friends and family!

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2. Watch some movies

watching movie

With the rain pouring down it can be a lovely feeling to be indoors watching a film. You could snuggle up at home and watch some old favourites. Or, you could visit the cinema and watch the latest blockbuster! It’s a lovely pastime to introduce your kids, too, which could also give you the opportunity to catch up with the latest kids flicks. Just try not to hog the popcorn!

3. Catch up with your favourite magazine


Reading a magazine is a pastime that lets you forget the real world for a while and find out about how people are getting on in celeb land! Or, maybe you have a favourite pastime or hobby that you are keen to get up-to-date with. Either way this is a wonderful way to while away some time while it’s cold and wet outdoors.

4. Get cracking in the kitchen!


When it’s rainy and miserable outside, everyone enjoys a bit of comfort food so what more of an excuse do you need to break out the eggs and baking trays and mix-up a storm? It will get you on your feet and you could
try a new recipe or stick with old faithful. If the kids are around they’ll love standing on a chair and helping you pour in the ingredients. Lovely!

5. Create an indoor obstacle course!

childs in bicycle helmets

Why not get together with your little ones and build an indoor obstacle course? You could design it together or create one or two obstacles each! Once it’s built, time each other (and try to remember to let the kids win!) and the winner can choose the next activity for the rainy day together. Ready, steady, go…!

6. Make, or start a scrapbook

how to scrapbook

Creating a scrapbook is a great way to collect lots of lovely memories in one place. You can stick photos, drawings, leaves and other little collectibles into your book. Then, on another wet and cold day you can look back over it, or add to it. A lovely activity that’s as enjoyable to do by yourself or with your family!

7. Create a collage


Making a collage is a really fun thing to do! Your kids can help you get organized with card or paper, paint or colouring pens. And, don’t forget the glue! Let their imaginations run wild as they draw, paint, cut and stick to their hearts content. The resulting masterpiece can be added to their art collection or displayed proudly on a wall.

8. Do a workout


If it’s your regular workout day, or you’ve had a break and want to get back into it, don’t let the weather stop you! While going out in the pouring rain isn’t many people’s idea of fun, you can still get your fitness fix indoors. Pop on a fitness DVD, get out your favourite console with physically interactive games or put on some music and dance your heart out. Any of these options will get your heart rate up, and the little ones are sure to want to join in, too!

9. Get crafting!


If the rain is making you feel a bit miserable, don’t despair. Instead, pick up a pair of old socks or some odd ones and make a sock puppet! They can be as simple or complex as you and your kids want. Don’t worry if you haven’t got any googly eyes to hand. You can draw them on with bright pens or improvise with some scrunched up paper. Anything goes!

10. Create a unique superhero costume!


If your little ones have lots of energy to burn but the rain puts paid to your plans, then why not make a superhero costume and let your kids try them out indoors? Try this no-sew design to keep the kiddiewinks hands and minds busy for a while. Let them pick out a new superhero name and then they can go and rescue their teddies or barbies from whatever danger has befallen them!

11. Make an instrument


If you’re itching to do something fun but the rain has scuppered your plans then why not make a musical instrument out of whatever you have in the house? Let your little ones have a look around and see what they can find. Then, you can help them design a new noisy instrument to keep them amused! This can be something as simple as a wooden spoon and a cardboard box, or something more involved like sticking different bits and bobs together. No matter what the kids select, they’re sure to love the results of their hard work!

12. Introduce your kids to your favourite board games!


Or they could introduce you to theirs! Playing games is a fun way to spend a rainy day together. Not only do you learn new skills and information but you’re also bringing the idea of competition into your little one’s minds! From team games to strategy games to silly games there are so many to choose from. And, the more you play, the better chance everyone has of winning at least once!

13. Make a marble run out of toilet rolls!


Many of you parents collect all the empties and keep them for crafts. But, children will soon get bored of making another pair of binoculars or light sabers and are desperate to make something different and exciting. So why not give this marble run a go? While it will take longer than binoculars, the results will keep the little ones happier for longer and you can all marvel at your creativity too!

14. Time for an old favourite

hide and seek

An oldie but a goodie! Hide and seek is a game that keeps children of many ages entertained. You can split into teams or have just the kids play and direct the other siblings with hot or cold directions. Fun for all the family and game that really can last for hours and will certainly make you forget about the nasty rain outside!

15. Write letters, postcards or thank you cards


This is a past-time that was more common in years gone by, but it’s such a lovely thing to receive a handwritten missive that it would be a shame if we didn’t show our kids how to write a note to someone. A rainy day is a perfect time to do this activity. You could write to a family member or friend. Ask your children what they want to say and show them how to begin a letter or postcard and how to sign-off. It’s a lovely skill to learn and the addressee will no doubt be thrilled to receive it too!

16. X marks the spot!


Treasure hunts are always fun and the rains shouldn’t stop you – just move it indoors! You can hide a prized toy or a special prize and either draw a map or send the kids of hunting and tell them hot or cold when they are near or far to the treasure. Simple, fun and do-able pretty much anywhere!

17. Grab some paper and pencils


Drawing games are really simple and lots of fun! There are lots to choose from and they can set everyone’s imagination alight! As well as the drawing game listed there, there are many others. You can pass one sheet of paper around with each person drawing an element of the person before folding it over and passing it on. You start with the head and face at the top, then the shoulders, arms and torso, then legs and finally shoes. Another great game with often hilarious results!

18. A home fit for a princess…doll!

doll house

With most families there is usually a shoe box or two lying around. So, why not grab it and help your kids turn it into a house for their dolls or teddies? A window here, a drawn on door there and a stuck on pair curtains will leave Ms. Barbie with the home of her dreams!

19. Vegetable printing


Another fun craft to do while the rain is keeping you in the house. Let the kids select a couple of suitable veggies while you put out the paper and paints. Then slice the vegetables and let your littles ones do the rest. They can make beautiful pictures or crazy prints. Either are sure to keep them, and you, entertained!

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20. Make a den!

make a den

Ahh, this is something that is bound to bring back lots of childhood memories. So, why not help create some for your kids and help them build a magnificent indoor den! With a few chairs, some blankets, torches and provisions the perfect den will be created in a flash. Just make sure it’s big enough for you to get in and join them at snack time!

21. If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em…

play in the rain

That’s right, if you really just can’t stand staying indoors any longer, don’t! It’s advisable to wear appropriate clothing such as wellies, raincoats and brollies but once you’re suitably attired a bit of time in the rain won’t hurt you. And, once you and your little ones have had enough splashing about in the rain, you’ll be more inclined to stay dry and try one of the other options above!

There are so many fun things to do when it’s rainy and miserable outside. Show your kids this list and let them pick (although you might want to cover up the bottom one!) Whatever you choose to do it’s sure to LOTS of fun for all participants!